This our is a delicate  green Aventurine  bracelet made by hand taking care of every detail for this we use gold filled wire and natural aventurine wear it every day at any occasion.

Aventurine is a style of quartz. It is most commonly green. The meaning of aventurine is prosperity and confidence.
A stone of sublime prosperity and purpose
The meaning of Aventurine comes from the Italian word Aventura which means opportunity, a clue to the great fortune that this stone can bestow on you.
Aventurine is a heart chakra stone, always ready to awaken those distant love and fantasy feelings, but in a way that feels strong and healthy, always ready to wake you up.

This  aventurine stone is considered a magnet to attract luck, which allows aligning good opportunities for those who possess it to achieve their goals. Green Aventurine manages to free the mind and body of negative energies, attracting the positive and growth.

This stone brings enthusiasm, acceptance and confidence; considerably, it increases leadership, creativity and good humor.

Energetic and spiritual

Because Aventurine helps to channel and attract positive energies, the wearer of this stone will achieve great emotional and physical well-being. Some people often use this mineral as an amulet to absorb positive energies, have physical and mental tranquility and even for unemployed people it is highly recommended when looking for work.

Emotional imbalances and anguish manage to disappear, since this rock is in charge of changing thought and mentality in critical moments, when confusion and despair must be faced.

It also provides serenity and tranquility so that the soul of whoever wears the Green Aventurine can find the light that helps reduce conflicts, calm bad temper, in short, that helps solve those problems.

Aventurine is also capable of dissolving negativity in a person, making their heart quickly heal from old wounds and bad experiences. Additionally, it gives way to the new, to free from attachment and most importantly, it allows the emotions and the body to harmonize.

The balance and the heart chakras are healed, if the stone is placed right in the center of the sternum, in order to balance the feelings and also to be more resistant.

Also, this stone is perfect for people who do a written job or a computer project, as they manage to increase their skills and abilities.

It is highly recommended in the practice of feng shui, when it comes to the use of green crystals such as Aventurine by arranging them in various rooms of the house, as it helps maintain peace, tranquility, harmony, in addition to attracting prosperity and abundance to the home. .

Likewise, it is ideal to place this stone in the bathtub to take a relaxing bath, allowing the skin and the body to absorb its properties and energy.
You can select the size that best fits your hand Be guided by the sample photo and sample size in centimeters S, M, L, XL

Receive these bracelet in a box ready to give to make a detail to your
friend mother or sister

All of my work is handmade in my studio, each piece is a unique design and a one of a kind gift.

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